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What Little Details Can Add Value to Your Home in 2018

Contrary to what you may think, your home should look like its been lived in, but lived in and cared for by a picture-perfect family. Now pulling that off isn't actually as hard to pull off as it may sound, even for the messiest of the bunch. Below is what details you can add to your home to spice it up for a hot sale in 2018!


Boost your homes resale value and add some curb appeal by having prospective buyers fall in love at first sight, all by doing a little bit of landscaping. Trees and bushes that are needing to be trimmed and blotchy spots on the lawn will reduce appeal for potential buyers. The first thing they see is the outside of the home so if your lawn is overgrown or poorly maintained then they just might move on to the next one. More than being unattractive, having an un-cared for lawn will also make prospective buyers ponder how well you take care of the inside of the house.
Basic landscaping maintenance tasks have potential to pay off big when buyers decide to write an offer. Investing as little as $500 into your lawn can easily add more than four times the return on investment.


Add a Deck or Outdoor Room
High on the list of desirable amenities for home buyers is outdoor seating and eating areas. While you're supposed to get a permit to do additions to your home, such as a deck, the fact of the matter is that most people don't. When it comes to selling your home this will have to be disclosed and in my experience hasn't been an issue provided it was done by qualified trades. Your additions, such as a deck, need to still be built to proper building code and you should have proof of this as well. Unless you can prove such additions were done by qualified trades this will absolutely affect the price of the offer submitted by buyers if they even decide to take the risk and move forward.


Update Your Kitchen
Year after Year, the room that sells a home more than anything is the kitchen. You can easily spend $50,000 - $100,000 upgrading your kitchen, or can decide to make some small changes to update the kitchen that won't require a chunk of your life savings. If you have the wood grain cupboards that are popular in homes built around 2004 then consider sanding them down, staining and painting them a light color such as white and also swap the handles with something more modern. Update the faucet with one that features brushed nickel and has a hose attachment for under $500 which can help to make the entire kitchen seem modern. For a few thousand dollars it may also be worth your while to replace the laminate countertops with quartz which is highly durable and ample more appealing to a home buyer then laminate.


Paying attention to the fine details could be just the thing that convinces a prospective buyer to buy your home. If you're looking to get top dollar price for your home then consider paying attention to the smaller details and not so much on the large ticket items if you're looking to sell in the near future.

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