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The $10 Cup of Coffee

Today, I spent $10 on a cup of coffee and to be honest, it was worth every penny. There's this new stem of Starbucks chains being created called the Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar and it really is an experience you have to try. For the one in Vancouver at least, it's a very hipsterish hangout sort've vibe and look which goes hand-in-hand with what you would think a coffee bar would be. Aside from the coffee is also a food menu and even a beer and wine menu which took me by surprise, but yes, you can now get beer or wine at some Starbucks.


This location is at 2980 Main Street in Vancouver, thoughtfully located in a hipster area lol, of course. I would've thought a place like this would be right in the heart of Vancouver, perhaps the next location. So the $10 cup of coffee was of course not merely a brewed cup of some fancy coffee but it was a siphoned cup of fancy coffee. I know, wow how special that must be. If you're not familiar with siphoned coffee, look it up it's actually pretty cool and makes for a great Instagram story and really does make a good cup of coffee.


Aside from the good cup of coffee, what made it worth $10 is the service that came with it. The gentlemen who brewed it for me didn't just simply make it and serve it but educated me on the background of siphoning coffee and what makes it better than regular brewed coffee. He walked me through the steps of the process and really made it feel like the 5-star service it was. He then served it on a nice wooden tray in a kettle for me to pour myself accompanied with a quaint glass of milk and some Splenda. It wasn't just the coffee I was served but 5 or so minutes later I got a sample of another reserve roast and then sometime later a full cup of espresso with one of the fun little leafs they draw in the foam. So it wasn't just a fun process of watching coffee being made then drinking it but I got more then I intended to pay for which made the whole experience just delightful and one which I fully intend on driving all the way out to Vancouver to experience again.


This is just my brief review of some expensive coffee you can get but also goes to show how much more important it is to deliver more than is expected as it really is what makes for repeat business.

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