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Today, I spent $10 on a cup of coffee and to be honest, it was worth every penny. There's this new stem of Starbucks chains being created called the Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar and it really is an experience you have to try. For the one in Vancouver at least, it's a very hipsterish hangout sort've vibe and look which goes hand-in-hand with what you would think a coffee bar would be. Aside from the coffee is also a food menu and even a beer and wine menu which took me by surprise, but yes, you can...

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  1. How do you feel about the real estate market right now?

Depends on what you’re buying. After the recent BoC rate hikes, we’re seeing some aspects of the market slowdown. Days on market are increasing and buyers aren’t moving as fast in some areas, particularly single-family homes. Townhomes and condos are still a bit ridiculous as we’re still seeing multiple offers and over ask sales.

  1. Where do you think the market will be in 5 years?

Tough question to answer. It all depends...

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